Monday, 24 March 2014

What is bathroom resurfacing?

Welcome back to Budget Bath Resurfacing’s blog page where you will find your questions answered and useful information about us and bathroom resurfacing in general.

One of the more prevalent questions we get at Budget Bath Resurfacing is; ‘What exactly is bathroom resurfacing?” To answer this question we will examine the three areas of bathroom resurfacing that Budget Bath Resurfacing offers to customers; bathtub resurfacing, basin resurfacing, and tile resurfacing.

When should I think about getting my bathroom fixtures and tiles resurfaced?

If you’re wondering when is the right time to get your bathtub, basin, or tiles restored then chances are you are already in need.

Here are a few signs to truly tell when your bathroom needs a restoration;

•    Change of colour from bright and glossy to dull and murky
•    Chipping and cracking of your tub or basin
•    Tiles broken, chipped or cracked
•    Grouting beginning to darken and refusing to clean
•    Hard to clean bathroom surfaces

If any of these signs have started appearing around your bathroom then a bathroom resurfacing may be just what your bathroom needs.

What is bathtub resurfacing?
Bathtub resurfacing or bathtub re-enamelling is a technique that refinishes areas of an existing bathtub that have been chipped, scratched or otherwise damaged through years of use. Bathtub resurfacing can be performed on bathtubs made from porcelain, ceramic and cast iron.

Bathtub resurfacing is a process whereby professional resurfacing experts refresh the surface of your old, worn, or damaged bathtub surface by using a series of techniques that will eliminate cracks and chips and leave your bathtub looking like new. Repairs are made to the surface and the surface is left smooth, a primer is then applied followed by a coating made from epoxies or polymers.

The end result is a bathtub that looks like new, sparkling and shining and inviting.

What is bath basin resurfacing?

Basin resurfacing is almost identical to bathtub resurfacing only on a smaller scale. After a basin resurfacing your basin will simply glow with cleanliness.

What is tile resurfacing?

Tile resurfacing is similar to bathtub and basin resurfacing but with a few extra steps on top.

Firstly we will identify and fix any loose tiles, replace any cracked tiles that are beyond repair and clean and re-grout where necessary. We will then follow a process similar to the bathtub and basin resurfacing where we clean and prepare the tiles surface for bonding and coating.

If you have any questions about bathroom resurfacing get in touch with the team of experts at Budget Bath Resurfacing today. We will help you understand our process every step of the way and tailor a resurfacing plan to suit your individual needs.

Budget Bath Resurfacing has over 20 years of experience offering the people of Sydney the finest and most affordable bathroom resurfacing packages. If you have a budgetary or time constraint, or you simply want quality resurfacing for your bathroom, give the team at Budget Bath Resurfacing a call today.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bathroom Resurfacing Blog

Welcome to Budget Bath Resurfacing’s official and inaugural blog post! This is the place where our customers, past, present, and future, will be able to come and learn more about the process of resurfacing, have their questions answered, and also see why resurfacing is a great option for those on a tight budget or with limited time.

This first blog post will examine the true difference in price between a bathroom resurfacing job and a full bathroom renovation. By the end of this post we here at Budget Bath Resurfacing are sure that you will think twice before throwing the baby out with the bathwater and consider a resurfacing before jumping headlong into a full blown renovation.

Bathroom resurfacing vs. bathroom renovation- The true cost

When it comes to the difference between a bathroom resurfacing job and a full blown renovation it is easy to see why more and more people who are strapped for cash and time, or people who simply love great value, are opting for resurfacing over a renovation.

With this blog post we will examine the many ways in which a bathroom resurfacing job can save you time and money and more!

The many advantages of bathroom resurfacing

•    Monetary cost- The first and most obvious difference of cost between a resurfacing and renovation project is the monetary cost. Just think about the cost of plumbers, builders, and other tradesmen that are essential for any bathroom renovation, when you opt for a resurfacing job your bathroom will be left sparkling like new and for a fraction of the cost because you only need one expert resurface professional to complete the job!

•    Time cost- The second thing that a bathroom renovation will cost you is your time. From the moment you pick up the phone to start calling around and getting quotes from all of the various tradesmen necessary for your bathroom renovation, to the time in between each tradesmen coming and completing their part of the job, which probably won’t overlap, you are looking at an investment of your time that simply isn’t necessary with a resurfacing job. One phone call and one appointment and the team at Budget Bath Resurfacing will be able to tell you when and how long the job will take.

•    Convenience cost- If you haven’t experienced a bathroom renovation in your home before then it may surprise you to learn that you may be without a toilet for weeks and even months on end. Even if you manage to have a port-a-loo installed you still face a trip outside every time nature calls. This doesn’t even take into account the noise and mess left from a full bathroom renovation.

•    Environmental cost- For the environmentally conscious household bathroom resurfacing is the way to go. Not only are you reusing your tiles and bathtub surfaces, you are reducing the need for more tiles and related products.

If you have any questions about the cost of resurfacing and would like a quote please call the friendly and professional team at Budget Bath Resurfacing today. We will happily tailor a bathroom resurfacing package for your individual requirements and budgetary restrictions.

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Budget Bath Resurfacing is a family owned business that doesn’t contract out your business, so you can be sure that all of our bathroom resurfacing projects are done by experienced professionals. With over 20 years of experience in the bathroom resurfacing business, Budget Bath Resurfacing is a name you can trust.